Musical Chalet Style

Cuckoo Clock


Here's an oldie in perfect working order. Weight driven, 30 hour Ogee style clock manufactured by Jerome and Co. around 1845 - 1850. The movement has just been cleaned and serviced, so the clock is running well. Lovely zebra wood case stands 26" tall, by 15-1/2" wide. Reverse painted glass in lower panel features a hummingbird. Weight crank for winding is included. This clock can stand on a table or shelf, or be hung on the wall.

Vintage Kundo

Electro-Mechanical Clock


In good working order! Very attractive clock in good running condition. These were manufactured in the 50's and 60's, and have been discontinued since. Jewelled, mechanical movement is driven by a unique pendulum/coil system which is electrically charged. Glass domed clock measures 10" high x 10" wide.


Chalet style cuckoo in good working order. Features 4 dancing figures that whirl about while the music plays, after the cuckoo has come out and called the hour. Everything is working as it should - music, cuckoo, pendulum and hands, and the clock is keeping good time. Very fun to watch! Clock measures 12" tall, by 9" wide.  

Standing just over 7' tall, this is a lovely clock in perfect working order. The solid golden oak case is immaculate, with no chips or cracks. The clock features highly polished brass weights and pendulum behind a glass door, and chimes the Westminster melody on tuned chime rods. There is a lever to silence the chimes at night if desired. Quality German movement was fully serviced in 2017, and is running flawlessly. Runs a full 8 days on a winding. The price includes local delivery and set up. 

Beautiful Solid Oak

Grandfather Clock


Jerome & Co.

Ogee Clock ca. 1845