Beautiful piece! Measures 15" wide, by 16" tall. Nice crackle finish to the glaze - no chips, cracks or repairs. The clockworks are by Smiths Cricklewood Works, which dates the clock to around 1920. The works are hinged, and swing out to wind the clock from the back. Runs just over a week on a full wind.

Gorgeous 1800's

Vienna Regulator


Lovely set mounted on backboard with brass embellishments. Porthole style clock and barometer by Schatz of West Germany. Both pieces function correctly. Clock runs 8 days on a full wind, and strikes the ships bells on a coiled gong. Entire piece measures 12" wide, by 6" high, while the clock and barometer each measure 4-1/2" across.

Fabulous clock! Measures 20" tall by 15" wide. Very heavy timepiece, gilt bronze casting of Hercules with the golden apples. Retains most of its original gilt. Case is also heavily ornamented, and has gilt bronze lion feet at the base. French time and strike movement is running well and keeping good time. Runs 8 days on a full winding.

Serial # dates this incredible clock to 1924. The large golden oak case is in pristine condition, with no chips, cracks or dings. The front door as well as both side doors feature heavy beveled glass. The dial is silvered, and heavily engraved, and features a subsidiary dial for chime shutoff. The clock was manufactured by the renowned Gustav Becker factory, known for high quality timepieces. The 8 day Westminster chime movement has just been fully disassembled, cleaned & serviced. It is running well, keeping good time, and comes with a one year warranty. Gorgeous clock!

In good working order! Standing 5'3" tall, by 18-1/2" wide. This clock would have originally sat in the office of a school, where it would have controlled all the classroom clocks, so that everything was synchronized. The movement has just been cleaned and serviced, and is working well and keeping excellent time. The clock is electro-mechanical. Once every minute a contact closes and winds the mainspring a tooth or two. If there was a power outage, the mainspring would have enough reserve energy to operate the clock for 12 hours. All is working correctly. Heavy, invar rod pendulum, with a large polished and nickel plated pendulum bob. The gumwood case is in good condition, and features a simple, but elegant art deco style.


French Marble Clock


Circa 1909, this is the "Sucile" model by Seth Thomas. Adamantine finish, features celluloid columns and half round moulded sides, as well as gilt metal feet and ornaments. Gold relief work surrounds dial. The 8 day movement has just been professionally cleaned and serviced, and is running well and keeping good time. Strikes the hours on a coiled gong, and the half hours on a cupped bell. Clock measures 11" tall, by 17-1/2" wide.

Lovely Gold-filled

Elgin Pocket Watch

With Chain And Penknife


Manufactured by the renowned Gustav Becker Factories, this is a beautiful and fully functional timepiece. Single weight Vienna Regulator in a gorgeous walnut case. Serial number dates the clock to 1889. Excellent condition inside and out. All finials are present, as well as the crown, or headpiece. Classic Art Nouveau case measures 44"tall by 13" wide. Porcelain dial has no chips or hairlines. Original Vienna style hands. Crank is included. Clock runs 8 days when fully wound, and is an excellent timekeeper.

In perfect working order! Movement has just been cleaned and serviced. Gold-filled case, with matching chain and penknife. 17 jewel, 16 size open face movement. Dial has no chips, cracks or fading. one small dent in knife, other than that this watch set is in outstanding condition.

Schatz Ships Bell

and Barometer


Antique Junghans 

Bracket Clock


In a gorgeous red mahogany case. Built by Junghans around the turn of the century, the clock is in the classic bracket style, and features heavy bevelled glass in the front door, as well as a silvered chapter ring and dial plate. Accented with a polished solid brass handle at top, and 4 polished brass feet. Clock is running well and keeping good time. Runs 8 days on a full winding, and strikes the hours and halfs on a coiled cathedral gong. Case measures 12" tall, by 10-1/2" wide and 6" deep.

1909 Seth Thomas

Mantel Clock


Porcelain Cased

Mantel Clock


In excellent condition! No chips, nicks or cracks in the beautiful marble case. Early Japy Freres trademark on movement dates this piece to 1883. Case features 2 different marbles, and gold filled engravings on front. The porcelain dial is also flawless, with no cracks or chips. This clock is a time only clock, so no striking or chiming to keep you up at night! The movement has just been completely disassembled, cleaned & serviced. Key is included. Clock measures 12" tall, by 13" wide. Would look great on a mantel.


Three Piece Clock Set


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Large Oak-Cased

Gustav Becker

Bracket Clock


Beautiful, turn-of-the-century piece in good working order. Brass and glass case is highlighted by cloisonné trim at top and bottom. Porcelain dial and faux mercury pendulum. Solid brass candlesticks finish off this lovely set. Clock strikes the hours and half hours on the coiled gong seen in photos. Measures 12-3/4" tall, by 7" wide, and 5" deep. The clock is missing the rear door, but that does not retract from its beauty!


Vintage IBM

Master Clock


Empire Period

Gilt Bronze

Figural Clock