Timely Restorations (formerly Doug’s Tick-Tock Shop), offers quality, professional repairs and restorations to antique and vintage clocks in the Courtenay, Comox, Campbell River area. Owner/Operator Doug Campbell has been repairing timepieces since 1993. In the early ‘90’s, he was fortunate enough to meet and apprentice under a European trained clockmaker for two years, before branching out on his own. Doug has restored everything from alarm clocks to grandfather clocks, as well as other antiquities including barometers, gramophones, and large vintage music boxes. Timely Restorations strives to restore to original working condition, with a focus on repairing, versus replacing parts wherever possible to maintain originality. Call today for a free estimate. All work is guaranteed. Vintage clocks are also offered for sale. Check out the current selection under the “For Sale” heading.

What We Offer

About Our Company


Timely Restorations is pleased to offer a variety of timepieces for purchase. From 400-day shelf clocks to mantle clocks, wall clocks, and full-sized grandfather clocks, There is something available for even the most discerning of collectors.


Clock not running?  Gaining or losing time? Timepiece just not up to its former state of glory? Timely Restorations offers service calls and repairs that will have the oldest of timepieces looking and running like new again.


Although we are able to repair all makes and models of mechanical clocks, we do not  service battery powered clocks.

Mechanical Clock Repair

in Courtenay, Campbell River, and outlying areas


                    Doug Campbell has been restoring

                    timepieces since 1993, when he

                    first began apprenticing under an

                    Austrian master clockmaker. Doug

                    quickly discovered he had a

                    passion for these lovely time-

                    keepers, and what began as a

                    hobby, soon blossomed into a